Saturday, March 31, 2007


Now, I'm no Shakira fan. I swear.

It's totally only because the baby likes it that I've played this like eight times since Jill posted it at Feministe.

Other things I use the baby as an excuse for watching again and again:

Dixie Chicks, "Goodbye Earl." She really likes the mandolin breakdown part at the end.

Kraftwerk, "We Are the Robots." She especially likes when I sink along dorkily in a robot voice. And when I brag about translating the Russian.

But right now, we are sick. All of us. Brian is asleep in bed having dosed himself with some sort of blue syrupy fluid. The baby and I are staring at each other going "unnnnhhhh," with snot running down our faces.

Please, somebody, bring me some soup.

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