Monday, July 23, 2007

Maybe I’ll write a real post after the kid takes a nap.

But for now childcare demands mean pretty much all I can get done on the computer is some furtive typing while different Youtube videos load.

Did I mention the kid likes Youtube videos? Well, since I'm pretty much a sadist, and since guest blogging gives me a larger group of people to inflict things on than usual, let me introduce you to Pigloo.

I came across the happy French dancing penguin while idly searching Youtube for things appropriate to expose my toddler to. Now I'm afraid she can never get enough. It's like she's addicted. Well, maybe she'll pick up some French.

Although I find the breakdancing penguin with the Addidas tracksuit pinstripes on his wings amusing (not to mention the penguin old men playing bocce), I'm pretty sure this song is used to torture prisoners at Guantanamo.

Happy earworms!

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