Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey fashion industry!

More of this, please.

America's Next Top model is featuring a trans woman this season. I may have to start watching this show.

In any case, check out her walk! This reminds me so much of the attitude of the non-anonymous supermodels whose loss I was lamenting here. No blank stare, no robotic, trance-like movements, no scraped-back hair. She would bring any garment to life on the runway. Even the hideous ones the apparently crack-smoking judges of Project Runway seem to be favoring this season. WTF is up with them lately?!?


CrackerLilo said...

Leaving aside the trans* angle, just seeing a model with some life in her would be amazing in and of itself.

Vanessa said...


Daisy said...

I see the influence of Miss J Alexander! :D

Agree that the Project Runway models are a snooze this season. (I loved Kayne's talkative model Amanda in the third season.)

Vanessa said...

Amanda cracked me up. They feature updates from her on

But the models themselves this year aren't bugging me quite as much as the designers, who consistently ignore Tim's advice, or the judges, who seem to be watching with their crap-filtering goggles on!

I mean, WTF was with giving Kenley's giant purple ass-goiter bad 80's sofa-print dress the win? Bleargh.