Thursday, December 18, 2003

Maybe it's too soon to say...

But I really don't think capturing Sadaam Hussein will make much of a difference in Iraq. For one, I really don't think he was running too many things cowered down in that hidey-hole growing an Osama-like beard all these months.

I am glad he's been captured. We should release him to that international court in the Hague we refuse to participate in because Henry Kissinger might get nabbed.

Or, just turn him owver to his own people. Maybe they'll hang him like Mussolini. But I have to agree with Howard Dean, I don't think Americans are any safer because of Hussein's capture

I'm probably going to be proven wrong on this one, but a plywood box underground doesn't really seem like a main base of operations or a military HQ or anything like that.

Also, and more obviously, things like this keep happening.

Now, if only we could capture OSAMA BIN LADEN already! You remember Osama bin Laden, right? Please tell me somebody does!

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