Tuesday, December 30, 2003

New Year's Resolution #5: Democrats, Fight the Real Enemy!

I think Sinead O'Connor should sing Bob Marley's "War" a capella at the Democratic National Convention and tear up a picture of George W. Bush while shouting "Fight the Real Enemy!"

Maybe that will get the message through the Democratic Presidential Candidates' thick skulls.

Look, guys, when you do all the infighting like this not only do you each individually look like assholes, but you each make each other look like such jerks that my fellow unwashed masses in America will find whichever of you wins the nomination so unappealing that they'll stay home election day and Dubya will have another turn at the wheel.

Wesley Clark and Howard Dead especially, kiss and make up already. Together you guys could rock. Does it really matter which one of you is listed first on the ticket and which of you is listed second. You could flip for it as far as I'm concerned. Or rock-paper-scissors, if you prefer.

Just please, save some mud to sling at Bush. Because we all know how unelectable he really is.

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