Wednesday, January 16, 2008

5 things meme

So Ren tagged me with a fairly good meme. Here goes.

5 things I regret. These are all kind of self-involved.

1. Dropping out of college the first time. Because I thought I was too cool for school, literally, and now I find that embarrassingly stupid.

2. Dropping out of college the second time, because I was afraid of taking out another student loan. All that did was cause me to waste 5 years of my life getting carpal tunnel at a call center, growing more and more jaded.

3. Missing out on a school trip to St. Petersburg, Russia when I was in high school because my mother couldn't afford it.

4. Not hooking up with my husband the first time we met. We were friends, then didn't see each other for two years, then became friends again. Life is too short to waste that kind of time.

5. Missing the first Lollapalooza. This is kind of a juvenile one, sure. When the first Lollapalooza came about in 1991 I was what, 12? A freshman in high school, anyway. The show was in Denver, I think, and I had a young cousin from the east coast who was working on the lighting for the show, so he drove down to Albuquerque to visit for the afternoon, offering to take me to the show. My mother, quite rightly, I'm sure, said no. I was already a Jane's Addiction fan at that point and was heartbroken.

Now, 5 things I don't regret.

1. Going back to school. Plus, now that I don't party every weekend it's so much easier to get better grades than my younger classmates.

2. Getting married. I don't think it changed the nature of our commitment to each other, though, so I guess maybe I mean making that commitment, not the piece of paper.

3. Having a kid. Yes, even when it's hard and bad and I'm covered in vomit (it may take me awhile to get over that) it's still somehow great. I know that doesn't really make sense. But it's true. There's not really words to explain how great it feels to me to have a kid.

4. Blogging. Even when there's huge annoying blog wars.

5. Speaking my mind. Sometimes I phrase things badly, and that doesn't always work out well. But one has to speak one's mind.

Now, to tag. Hmmm. Ummm, Jack, Lilo, and spyderkl.


Karen said...

My brain is numb from the cold, so this would be good! :D

CrackerLilo said...

Give me a couple days, and I'll do it.

I sort of regret putting off college and sort of don't. Anyway, neither of us can change the past. :-)