Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I am so angry today.

Bush lied, this man died of a shot to the head.

The man asked him to take his family?five women and a multitude of small children?to relatives in Gurma. The women did not want to leave their father. They were crying, "We want to stay with you, we would rather die together." For half an hour this conversation continued, and then the father left them, promising to follow in a couple of hours. He walked back to his own car. Before he got to the car he was shot in the head.

Bush lied, this 70 year old man died of exhaustion.

In a tent outside relatives were mourning for Mushref Mohi, aged 70, who died of exhaustion during the eight hours that his family was kept waiting at US checkpoints as they fled the city.

"There was nothing much wrong with him and he usually liked to walk everywhere instead of driving," said his brother, Rabbia Mohi Maloud al-Daraji. "But they kept us waiting from 10am to 6.20pm because they searched every car for half an hour, and he could not take the strain."

Bush lied, a pregnant woman died.

HERE lies a baby who never saw the light" reads a stone slab in the Fallujah stadium, now turned into a makeshift cemetery.

The clumsily written inscription appears on a makeshift headstone for an eight-months' pregnant woman buried in the area where more than 100 Fallujah residents killed in this week's attack by US forces have been laid to rest.

Bush lied, 78 soldiers died in the last 12 days.

WASHINGTON - At least 78 U.S. troops were killed and 561 were wounded in Iraq in the first 12 days of April, a senior Army general said Tuesday.

It is quickly becoming the deadliest month since the Iraq war began in March 2003. Since then, at least 674 U.S. troops have died, according to the Pentagon's figures.

Bush lied, hundreds of civilians died.

"Among those killed were 160 women, 141 children and many elderly," he said, providing the first figures on the number of civilian deaths from the nearly week-long offensive.

I am so angry today. Not only did the Bush regime take us to war when they didn't need to, they've screwed up the post-war (although, it doesn't sound post-war at all to me) situation that we're now converting people to the enemie's cause for them.

Like this man,

In the Nazzal neighbourhood, resident Abu Omar points to a devastated house bombed by the US air force.

"We were four families living here. I evacuated everybody before the offensive. Two of my sons who had been guarding it were wounded," he says. "What were the Americans thinking? That I had chemical weapons? The 25 members of my family are unemployed and I do not see how we can survive now."

Wiping away a tear, he swears: "I will take my revenge with my own hands."

Or these people.

In Fallujah, the various resistance cells are now engaged in a massive recruiting drive. As they fight the Marines, these insurgents are creating new alliances, reorganizing their efforts and launching a large-scale defense of their city.

As for new recruits, the resistance owes much to the U.S. Marine Corps, which is halting all refugee convoys, allowing the women, children, and elderly to proceed, while turning back all "fighting age" men! It only gives these men greater incentive to head right back into an urban battleground of alleyways, rooftops and side streets, and join the ranks of insurgents who battle to defend the city.

Bush lied, and was fantastically incompetent at handling the consequences of his lie to boot. Right now it seems like we have in IRaq a masively messed-up situation that we can't in good conscience abandon at this point, but may be forced to if the situation gets much worse.

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