Tuesday, April 20, 2004


You know, I'd think I would be the last person to be impressed with a military record, and I know that a person's actions a zillion years ago really doesn't have any bearing on what they're capable of today, but I must say, wow.

He served two tours of duty, four months on the USS Gridley frigate off Vietnam's shore and nearly five months as a swiftboat commander in the Mekong Delta. He volunteered for the second tour and earned all his medals during the second stint.

John Kerry volunteers for a tour of duty in Vietnam during which he was wounded three times, and George W. Bush can't even manage to make it through some softcore flight training?

It's so cute, too, the desperate way the Bushies try to spin this one back in their direction.

Ken Mehlman, President Bush's campaign manager, accused Kerry's campaign of waffling on the release of his military records, saying the campaign's position on Tuesday to release the records in "due diligence" is contrary to Kerry's comments on "Meet the Press" that the records would be made public immediately.

"Senator Kerry's record of nondisclosure and his flip-flop on this issue should concern voters," Mehlman said.

The Kerry campaign said they would release the records...and then they released them! Well, apparently there's a new way to flip-flop that I don't know about.

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