Saturday, April 03, 2004

Someone send the Devil some hot cocoa...

...because Hell has just frozen over. Check out this smart, nuanced analysis of the Iraqi resurgence at

Yet, U.S. commanders and officials paint an optimistic picture of the security situation and blame foreign-led Islamist fighters and small pockets of Hussein followers for most of the attacks.

...This official version does not consider the existence of an indigenous, Islamist-nationalist resistance within the Sunni Arab community that appears to be the driving force behind the insurgency. Establishing the extent of al Qaeda's involvement is important so long as it does not distort understanding of who are the real players in Iraq.

...By fixating on al Qaeda, Islamic extremists and desperate Hussein die-hard insurgents, the Bush administration underestimates the fundamental role played by Iraqi Sunni Islamists and nationalists in keeping the insurgency alive.

Could it be that our adversarial press has returned?

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