Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I certainly hope so.

Yes, we can?
The fast-paced developments unfolded as the long Democratic nominating struggle ended with primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

Only 31 delegates were at stake, the final few among the thousands that once drew Obama, Clinton and six other Democratic candidates into the campaign to replace President Bush and become the nation's 44th president.

Obama arranged an evening appearance in St. Paul, Minn., sending McCain an unmistakable message by claiming his victory in the very hall where the Arizonan will accept his party's nomination in early September.

Clinton was in New York for an appearance before home-state supporters. Officials said she would concede Obama had the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, effectively ending her bid to be the nation's first female president.
Well, okay. **deep breath** Is it really all over? Can we can get down to defeating the other guys? (You do remember the other guys? The really bad ones who want to take away reproductive freedom and stay in a quagmire war for the next thousand years, just to pick two examples?)

Seems so. Let's get to it.

(Now, just don't fuck it up Mr. Obama.)

And just so everyone remembers how to be inspired again:

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