Friday, June 13, 2008


The "women with deep voices and probably emotional issues" version. With commentary!

Ethyl Meatplow - Ripened Peach. I love love love this band. My favorite song of theirs though is the profanity-laced Queenie, which I was unable to find online.

**ADDED** Oh, look, I found it.

Queenie - Ethyl Meatplow

Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can. (Sorry about the ad, this was the only embeddable version I could find.) Actually a really good song, I think, on that super-pretentio-titled "When the Pawn blahblahblah" album. Which, if you're trying to make a serious album where you prove you're not a spoiled pop princess, you should probably avoid really gimmicky titles. Because that was a really good album overall, with a really stupid title that made it easy to overlook.

Amy Winehouse - Rehab. Yes, I know, I know. But it's a good song.

Thanks to years of drinking whisky and smoking cigars (joking!), I too have a deep voice. So much so that sometimes on the phones at work people I'm talking to call me "sir." One time, a woman called me, memorably, "Sir, er uh, maam. Um, sir."

This baffles me because like the above three women, my voice is deep but not masculine, really. Gender conformity, then, extends to things as inane as vocal pitch. Whenever this happens I shift my voice up a few octaves and get all breathy-Marylin Monroe-in-Some Like it Hot on them. Just to brighten up my day.


SunflowerP said...

I hear ya; I'm a female tenor - not a contralto, a tenor. It's pretty rare for me to get "sirred", but it has happened. And I too have three pet musical examples: Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, and Martha Johnson (of Martha and the Muffins) - would that I could actually sing like that!


Vanessa said...

Oo, good examples!

Myself I could probably sing bass.