Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, Jack.

You totally rule. I blogcrush upon you.

What I want to know is, why do people with no children always seem to think they know how to raise them and what exactly is appropriate behavior for them?

For instance, I must have heard variations on this story about a thousand times:

"I was in the store the other day and some kid was throwing a tantrum and the mother (note - it's almost always the mother in these stories) wasn't doing anything! I hate stupid bratty kids!"

You know what? If you removed your kid from a situation the moment they start to have a temper tantrum then they learn that the moment they want to leave somewhere all they have to do is throw a temper tantrum. And kids are smart, it doesn't take them very long to learn this.

And it's more important to me for my daughter to *not* learn that than it is to me for you to not be annoyed for a few minutes.

Deal with it. It's called living in a functional society.


Belle Gunness said...

Of course. Your little darling is more important than every other shopper in the store.

That's not the foundation of what I'd call a "functional society."

Here's a question: Since "it takes a village to raise a child," is this villager deputized to, say, go up to your little Special Snowflake and say, "If I behaved like that when I was your age, my parents would have tanned my backside"?

Or is the mere allusion to a good old-fashioned spanking, by bleeding-heart modern "parenting" standards, "abusive"?

Vanessa said...

Wow, now valuing your child's upbringing over the slight annoyance of strangers is wrong? I'm sorry, but I'm not turning my child into a brat who thinks that temper tantrums are the way to get what she wants just so you don't have to listed to crying for a few minutes.

I value my child over your feelings. Lean to deal with it.

But thank you for proving my point for me. I take it you don't have children. If you did, you might know that spanking a child for being "bad" doesn't stop the bad behavior. It makes it worse.

And no, I don't think it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a family to raise a child. So stay the hell out of my business.

JackGoff said...

Thanks, Vanessa!

Do I have you to thank for the influx of the anti-child trolls at my blog? ;P

Vanessa said...

Lol. I was going to ask you the same thing!

antiprincess said...

Belle Gunness - being out in public exposes one to all manner of human behavior.

it's not just children who freak out in the grocery store, with no expectation of backside-tanning.

Consider this - let's say you and I are in the very same aisle of the very same (eyeroll) Wild Oats or Whole Foods or wherever it is you wisely and prudently spend your hard earned dollars. Let's say it's a cold, rainy day.

Let's say you're having a conversation with your significant other on your cell phone.

Let's say the conversation gets loud. Heated, even. Let's say this conversation causes you to lose your religion, so to speak, and start hurling invective at top volume, complete with dirty words, pointed taunts, and doubts about Sig. Oth.'s parentage.

when, precisely, do I have the right to ask you to take it outside into the cold rain?

Let's further say that Sig. Oth. has just admitted that your suspicions of infidelity are, in fact, TRUE.

Let's say this news shocks you so bad you have a stroke, right there in the Organic Pasta aisle.

You vomit. you wet yourself. you shake uncontrollably. you babble nonsense. you drool. you fall in convulsions onto the floor, into a puddle of your own fluids.

I'm not saying that a child's temper tantrum is the equivalent of a life-threatening brain event. However, the point I'm trying to make is that people (of all ages) exhibit messy public behavior all the time. it's part of being human. I'd even say that with a child younger than age five, a temper tantrum, like a stroke, is something that just can't be prevented. (not by a threat of spanking, at any rate.)

JackGoff said...

Yeah, I definitely believe it was the other way around. I'm getting people from LiveJournals and alt.childfree! CRAZY! It's like you say "children", an alarm sounds somewhere, someone cackles and off fly their minions.

Vanessa said...

Me too. And dammit, Jack, you just set the alarm off again! xD