Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This is kind of mildly terrifying.
ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Authorities are investigating a pair of suspicious incidents at two separate Albuquerque Planned Parenthood locations.

...The incidents follow a fire just weeks ago at Abortion Acceptance of Albuquerque. Federal and city investigators are looking into all three incidents.
Not terrifying in the "Oh, I'm so scared of the mean ol' people!" More like, these people are fucking morons. And that's scary.

Don't they realize all of the services Planned Parenthood provides? I know a woman who got affordable pre-natal vitamins there. A girl at my old job went there for pap smears and annuals. Or is wanting poor women's babies to be deprived of important vitamins and for poor women to die of undetected cervical cancer part of the whole pro-forced pregnancy agenda?

Also, regarding the fire at the abortion clinic a few weeks ago, are you fucking kidding me? That office was in the middle of a big medical plaza, with dentists and family doctors and whatnot. Are they willing to burn all that down too for their stupid little cause?

I mean, I have no problem with someone being so-called "pro-life." I also have no problem with people working for their pro-forced pregnancy cause politically (just know that I will be there, fighting against you). But this kind of "action?" Stupid. Scary stupid. Also, won't work.

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