Saturday, December 29, 2007

What is the point of this, exactly?

A missing woman police have been looking for returned home unharmed. Oh, that's good! She's not dead or killed by her husband or something. However, for the headline writers at apparently that's not good enough.
Illinois Woman Back After $250K Search
Authorities in Illinois Say Woman Has Returned; Department Spent $250,000 Looking for Her
Who cares how much they spent looking? It's like they're saying "Police spent 250k, and she's not even dead!" What the hell is wrong with them?


Now I have no idea what it typically costs to search for someone. Maybe that's a huge sum. Then do a story on how the police can't manage their budgets. Maybe they shouldn't have spent money on helicopters to search the forest or divers to dredge the river (however, if someone's last known location was a river in the doesn't seem so outlandish an idea, honestly). But the way this story (and the headline, specifically) is written puts blame on the woman. For being alive.

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