Sunday, December 02, 2007

Uhh, yeah.

I am breaking my study hiatus to bring you several "shorter thans," presented without comment.

Shorter Details Magazine: "Stupid bitches have ugly tits."

Shorter Bitch, Phd: "Stupid misogynist Details Magazine."

Shorter Amanda: "Stupid bitches have ugly tits."

Uhh, yeah.


sly civilian said...

oh, but she's punkrock. she's allowed to operate an ideology with no internal consistency.

Vanessa said...

You know, which is *totally* punk rock.

CrackerLilo said...

Shorter Lilo: "Better ugly tits than an ugly attitude."

In my former high school, I was a working-class girl in the middle of a lot of very well-off kids, and even the punks shunned me 'cause I didn't wear the right shade of Manic Panic and the right clunky $100 boots. I'll bet AM was a "punk" like that.

DaisyDeadhead said...

HAHAHAHAA! That's a perfect summary, and hilarious.

Amber said...


Mmm-hmm, I had the same experience with the "punk kids" at school. I didn't understand how they couldn't see that they were being exactly like the "preps." I had imitation Doc Martens so I wasn't cool enough. How is that different from not having Gap clothes and not being cool enough?

It's like that South Park episode... "Let's be non-conformists together!"

Vanessa said...

amber and crackerlilo: There's a Cramps song that goes "You ain't no Punk you punk!" And I can tell you, those were just punks, not Punks.