Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some things.

Some things you can try to choose for your child.

There are some things you, as a different person than they are, you cannot.

Among these include if they get to fucking live or not.

I know someone who has a DNR order for themselves. I know my maternal grandmother, before she died of lung cancer, had a DNR. I don't object to DNRs in general. If Katy Jones grows up and as an adult decides for a DNR (because she's not a "vegetable," she can communicate her feelings), I would support her fully informed, examined choice.

But to impose that on your child, to make a choice like that for them, strikes me as...well, I don't want to be insulting. But I don't think it's uncharitable to put them in the same category as parents who force their children to undergo FGM, or the parents who broke the bones of their children's feet so they could be more easily bound (or, for that matter, the parents who alter their children so they will never grow up).


Renegade Evolution said...

I have a DNR. But yeah, the idea of putting one on your kid creeps me out. It just does. I find it creepy.

Vanessa said...

It just seems so unnecessary, on top of cruel.