Monday, March 17, 2003

Israeli War Crimes

Read this article I found via Alas, A Blog.

A few weeks ago, on March 3, an Israeli bulldozer killed a nine-month pregnant Palestinian woman, Nuha Sweidan, while destroying the house next door in a dilapidated Gaza refugee camp. Palestinian witnesses said that Mrs. Sweidan, 33, bled to death under the rubble as she cradled her 18-month-old daughter. Her unborn baby also died.

I have spent a long time, since my father's journey to the area, thinking about this conflict. I have come to hold the belief that the Israeli goverment, as the only Democracy in the region, needs to take responsiblity and stop acting like a terrorist orginization. You cannot act like terrorists to try to stop terrorism. Not only would you be creating a breeding ground for recruiting new suicide bombers, but you are becoming terrorists yourselves.

I will again invoke the Drug War comparison. What if a mostly white police force in my mostly hispanic neighborhood (which, to say the least, is not a good one), in order to stop the production of crystal meth decided to bulldoze an apartment where they knew there was a meth lab, one that had resulted in alot of rich white kids being addicted, and the pregnant mother next door was crushed to death by the rubble while holding an infant, do you think that would make the people in my neighborhood like white police officers, or hate them? Even if the bulldozing of the apartment with the meth lab in it ultimately would result in the reduction of drug-related crime overall?

Think about what is happening in Israel.

UPDATE: Not that it makes much of a difference, but for clarification's sake I have since learned that Nuha Sweidan's home was not destroyed because of a bulldozer tearing down a house near hers, but because of a tank destroying a home near to hers.

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