Friday, March 14, 2003

Real Life "Partial Birth" Abortions

Ampersand provides us with a few examples of actual stories of abortions that would be deemed illegal under the new partial-birth abortion ban that was recently passed by the senate.

COREEN COSTELLO from Agoura, California. In April 1995, seven months pregnant with her third child, Coreen and her husband Jim found out that a lethal neuromuscular disease had left their much-wanted daughter unable to survive. Its body had stiffened and was frozen, wedged in a transverse position. In addition, amniotic fluid had puddled and built up to dangerous levels in Coreen's uterus. Devout Christians and opposed to abortion, the Costellos agonized for over two weeks about their decision and baptized the fetus in utero. Finally, Coreen's increasing health problems forced them to accept the advice of numerous medical experts that the intact dilation and extraction (D&X) was, indeed, the best option for Coreen's own health, and the abortion was performed. Later, in June 1996, Coreen gave birth to a healthy son.

More examples here. Think about the serious injury, illness, or worse that could have been caused to these women. Then imagine your wife, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, or granddaughter in their place. Then either rent or read The Handmaid's Tale and enjoy your ride down the slippery slope.

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