Sunday, April 13, 2003

Good News, Funny Photos

This news made me happy, but also a little weireded out because of the photos of soldiers all in matching pajamas. They look a little like escaped mental patients.

KUWAIT CITY - Unexpectedly released by Iraqi troops, seven U.S. POWs basked in a warm welcome Sunday and were declared in good shape after their 22 days of imprisonment....Shortly after their capture early in the war, the seven had been shown on Iraq's state-run television - giving a human face to the peril confronting American troops. After their release, Young's father, back in Lithia Springs, Ga., watched shaky video footage of his son on CNN. "It's him, and I'm just so happy that I could kiss the world!" Ronald Young Sr. said. "It's him! It's definitely him."

Yay! Also this photo of a servicewoman living it up in the lap of cheezy deposed-regime luxury is very amusing. Via Electrolite.

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