Thursday, April 10, 2003

Happy Birthday*, the War is Over

I was going to write something pithy and genius about the "end" of the war, but Max wrote it already.

What's left? Will the Iraqi people come out of this, after burying their war dead, in better shape then we found them? If you think it matters, you have to admit it remains to be seen.

Got read it. I hope the "new" Iraqi government is worth these horrible injuries, these horrible deaths, and this kid's arms. To paraphrase a "Get You War On" cartoon I saw a while back, the Iraqi people better be the most freaking free people on the face of the planet, for me to justify the loss of a little boy's arms. The better have a more enlightened government than Canada by next week.

I also want to know, as I did with Afghanistan, what evil we're bolstering and supporting now that will turn against us in 20 years. Because, you know, our track record of installing successfull governments is soo good.

So while I definitely think it's great the Iraqi people are dancing in the streets right now, (especially the "Democracy, Whisky, Sexy" guy Bill Maher mentioned on his show last week) forgive me if I reserve my judgement on the "success" of the war for the time being.

Just to clarify, I know the song is "Happy Xmas, the War is Over", but it's my birthday tomorrow, so I changed it.

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