Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Is Sexism not as bad as Racism? Should rich women have fewer rights?

I haven't been commenting on the Augusta National Golf Club and their inablility to enter the 20th Centruy by allowing women, mostly because I didn't think the concerns of wealthy people were that important in this time of war. However, something hit me today while watching Martha Burke, head of the National Council of Women's Organizations, on the Daily Show. (Which is really what I tend to watch instead of the news).

If this golf club refused to admit black people as members, would people still say "there are more important things to worry about?" If the NAACP were protesting against the club, would people still be so flip in dismissing it?

This is a club whose members are all wealthy and don't really have a care in the world, so it's hard to get concerned about their problems. But if a group of black men were saying "we want to join the rich white southern club," I think we would be a million times more concered than we've been about the women who want to join. Is sexism not as bad as racism?

It's easy not to care about the problems of a bunch of wealthy women. However, should the rich white men who run this club be allowed to discriminate as much as they want as long as the people they discriminate against are also rich? I feel safe in saying that discrimination against anyone is part of the problem, and ending discrimination against anyone is part of the solution.

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