Wednesday, April 02, 2003

This is a seriously stupid article.

I am sick and tired of hearing that the anti-war movement should support the troops. How am I not supporting the troops if I don't think they should die?

Those who protest insist, for the most part, that they support the troops. But cries of "Bring them home!" are all but drowned out by ubiquitous war coverage.

"For the most part" my arse. Humph.

Look, I understand that our soldiers are good at their jobs, and that they understand the risks involved in performing it. Still, I think that if you join the armed forces, putting your life on the line, you are putting your implicit trust in your leaders to not to be wasted as a resource. Just because you're the president, and you can order a bunch of men and women to go and die for your personal gain, doesn't mean you should. I oppose the war the administration has started, not the mostly working-class men and women they are using as pawns and then refusing to take care of when they are sick and old.

Support the troops, bring them home.

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