Tuesday, February 18, 2003

But that's the tasty wine!

Some lawmakers want to pass laws requiring French wines to have labels warning consumers that they are clarified with bovine blood.

The Post said the speaker also is exploring whether the United States should require "bright orange warning labels" on French wines that are clarified with bovine blood.
"People should know how the French make their wine, " the Post quoted Hastert spokesman John Feehery as saying.

This from the nation that invented McDonald's hamburgers, Spam, velveeta cheese, carcinogenic sweetners that taste like aspirin, and those really bloody steaks that the Texans love (talk about your bovine blood) and that gives them all colon cancer. Not to mention the nerf-like twinkie, and all the other sugar foods we give our children to the point that they all have diabetes and ADD.

There's also frozen pizza, Pop Tarts, ranch dressing, pickled pig's feet, green ketchup, blue french fries (yes, I actually saw those at the grocery store the other day), canned pasta, and the Cheeto.

Take a drive through any part of rural Texas and you'll smell the process that is used to created the beef we consume so often. The United States is the kingdom of factory farming and processed food, and for Feehery and Hastert to get all grossed out about a process that the French themselves apparently banned a few years ago is beyond arrogant and hypocritical.

But, I'm sure they had fresh apples they picked themselves and washed in mountain springwater for lunch that day, so can speak without reservation.

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