Tuesday, February 18, 2003

If we go to war with North Korea, will they bring M*A*S*H back on the air?

Another one for the why-Iraq-and-not-them-files.

North Korea defiantly declared Monday that it would triumph in its nuclear standoff with the United States, and South Korea's president warned that Pyongyang's weapons program could start an atomic arms race in Northeast Asia.

Also this.

In an apparent attempt to force direct dialogue with the United States, North Korea threatened on Tuesday to abandon the armistice that ended the Korean War five decades ago, accusing Washington of planning an attack.

Also, read this CNN article.

Pyongyang has ratcheted up tensions on the Korean peninsula another notch with threats to quit the armistice which ended the Korean War.

Accusing the United States of violating the 1953 agreement, North Korea's army says it will "immediately take all steps to cope with it" .

I wonder if Alan Alda is available?

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