Friday, February 07, 2003

I'm Black, Italian, Cuban, Chinese, and Spaniard, and I'm proud.

Salon has an interesting piece from a few days ago (it's been busy lately) about, to use an exceedingly crude term, "race-mixing". As the product of at least four ethnicites (my antecedents include at least 3 interracial couples) who is married to a white man it's a subject that's, let's say, dear to me.

So when Audrey Edwards of Essence magazine says

"For Black women, one of the inequities on the current playing field has been the rate at which Black men are marrying outside their race," she says.

I find myself getting extremely offended. Her comment makes it seem that Black men are the only men Black women have access to. (More basically, it makes it seem that women are in competetion for men, as a limited resorce or something, an idea that is beyond backwards to me, but is another issue.)

Read the article. I have some thoughts on this issue that I'm having trouble congealing into something pithy to say. (Probably too excited about the idea of going back to school...yay!) Definitely though, anyone who is at all concerned about the "thinning out" of blackness by interracial marriage is polishing the rails on the Titanic.

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