Saturday, February 01, 2003

No Pluckiness or Snarkiness about this news...

Space Shuttle breaks apart in flames over Texas

Feb. 1, 2003 | CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- -- Space shuttle Columbia broke apart in flames 200,000 feet over Texas on Saturday, killing all seven astronauts just minutes before they were to glide to a landing in Florida.

Oh no....


I wanted to add a few thoughts before turning in for the night. One of the things that I find so depressing about this tragedy is that these astronauts were not on a commercial or military mission, they were on a mission that was in pursuit of scientific research, things that could have potentially enriched all of our lives. Salon has a mini-article about some of the 80 projects they were working on.

I am very, very sad for the loss of the astronauts, but I am also sad for the setback to the American space program that I'm sure this represents. Hopefully a cash-strapped NASA won't be forced to abandon the Space Shuttle fleet. Or, perhaps they can use this as an excuse to design a better, more reliable, more advanced vehicle. I find that doubtful, due to both popular opinion's likely backlash against NASA, and the current econimic situation. (Thanks alot, GW.) Ironically, I was reading about the future of NASA just last night in the Carl Sagan book Pale Blue Dot.

At least this has taken my mind off my father, campaining for peace in the occupied territories.

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