Sunday, February 23, 2003

Oh, Lord...

This story would be funny if it weren' hell, it's just funny.

"First he sprayed himself," said FBI special agent Linda Vizi. "It was merely to demonstrate that he had cologne."

But the action prompted airport security to issue a code-red hazardous materials alert, which brought FBI agents, city police officers and hazardous materials specialists from the Philadelphia Fire Department rushing to the site....Two city police officers, who also came into contact with the cologne while examining its container, later went off to a doughnut shop and a 24-hour Rite Aid pharmacy in Philadelphia, officials said. When authorities found out, they ordered both stores shut for 45 minutes until the analysis was complete.

Alternate headline: "Two Cops Smelling of CK One Eat Doughnuts."

UPDATE: I'm retarded, I forgot to include the link. There it is.

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