Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Maybe I'm missing the point of this article?

Apparently, some blind advocates are less than pleased with Daredevil (which, by the way, is not as bad as the critics are saying. It's definitely less goofy/retarded than Spiderman was.)

From ABC, which is on some sort of a "stupid-streak" for me recently.

Some advocates are happy to see a blind superhero come to the big screen and believe Daredevil is a generally positive portrayal of the blind and visually impaired. But they also have one important message: Blind people do not need super powers to be self-sufficient and lead a normal life.

However, they do need super powers to be superheros. Daredevil is a superhero. Nobody ever said about Batman that wealthy people do not need rubber suits or secret bat-caves to be self-sufficient and lead normal lives.

Or at least, I don't think they did. But I wouldn't be surpised, now that I think about it.

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