Friday, February 21, 2003

Like Barnes and Noble would ever do this for you!

In yet another reason not to shop at scary giant faceless corporate booksellers, some small bookstores are actually watching out for your civil liberties.

"When the CIA comes and asks what you've read because they're suspicious of you, we can't tell them because we don't have it," store co-owner Michael Katzenberg said. "That's just a basic right, to be able to read what you want without fear that somebody is looking over your shoulder to see what you're reading."

These sort of privacy freaks usually just make me roll my eyes and think, "I wonder if these are the same people who worry about their TiVos telling people they're gay because they keep recording Will and Grace?" However, apparently this information is something the government is actually after.

Kramer's Books in Washington won a court order blocking independent counsel Kenneth Starr from getting records of purchases by Monica Lewinsky during his investigation of the sex scandal involving President Clinton. And the Colorado Supreme Court ruled last year for a Denver book store in its fight against a subpoena of purchase records by a defendant in a drug case.

I am now clearing out my Amazon wish list.

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